Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Everyday wreath w/ a purpose

Thanks to Dara Marie over at the blog Teach. Craft. Blog., I was inspired to make this new wreath for our front door.  I absolutely fell in love with this one that she made, and knew I had to make something similar to spruce up our very ugly in need of a paint job front door.  It only took me a couple hours to put it together, and I love it.  Dara attached her flowers and numbers to wreath with hot glue, but I have a hard time committing to home decor so I wanted to make sure I could remove the numbers and flowers if I were needing a quick change, so I hot glued wire to all flowers and numbers so I could attach them to the wreath and just as easily take them off.  I love that this wreath serves a purpose beyond being pretty to look at.  Have you ever noticed that some house numbers are so stinking hard to locate on a house?  Yeah, ours our gold and blend into the stucco, so I like that the house numbers on my wreath are visible for all to see.

I made this wreath for $12!  I got all the supplies I needed at Michaels.  The wreath was on clearance for $2.50.  The flowers were 50% off, so paid $1.50 for each, and the numbers were on clearance for .79 each.  Not bad for a custom wreath I'd say.  I can't wait to change this up with the different seasons and holidays.

Questions?  Email me.


Vernie and Tony said...

Oh yeah !!!! That is really cute!!
I've been getting some things at Michael's lately too cuz of the big 50% sale they are having!!
I love your wreath! SOOOOOOO CUTE!!

Vernie and Tony said...

Thanks so much for making one for me! I love it and Tony does too! He made sure I got a wreath hanger so I know he likes it!!
Thanks again!