Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet Dealz (No.6)

Rowan has been in need of bigger church shoes for a while.  After looking at Target and Old Navy and coming up empty handed, I headed over to Payless.  I was happy to see they were having their bogo sale.  However, I wasn't thrilled with their selection, or their prices to be perfectly honest.  I have gotten shoes for cheaper- that I like better- at Target, but they were pretty picked over on this particular day, and I needed shoes!  After finding a pair that would work for church I headed up to the cash register.  They were part of another sale, and didn't apply with the bogo, so I was only getting one pair.  The cashier was busy, so I meanered back to the shoes, and that is when I saw the $5  price tag on a pair of shoes I hadn't seen previously.  Were they church shoes, no.  Would they work well enough, heck yes!  Especially for $5!  One problem.  They were a size 8 and after Rowan had his foot measured he was apparently needing an 8 1/2-9.  Hmmm.  What to do?  Call another store!  Lucky for me, the Shopko down the street had a size 9 and they were now on hold for me.  We went straight there and  I handed over my $5.  These shoes were marked so low because they were last years model.  They originally retailed for $25.  Needless to say, I am pretty happy with my latest sweet deal!  I love a bargain!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Chair makeover.

A chair makeover.

Before                           After (2008)                          After 2012
Sand                                                                    Prime

Paint                                                             Upholster

This was one of those projects I had considered doing for a long time, but certainly didn't plan to do it when I did.  I just woke up one morning, and without much thought, it was underway.  I certainly have plenty more projects that NEED to get done, but hey, this one has been fun, and I am excited about the end result.  Oh, and the best thing about this project, FREE.

The chair is one I have had for a good three years now.  I found it by the dumpster- along with another matching chair and table.  One of the matching chairs has since broke, but the one chair and table work great as a little sewing station.

I've thought about painting it since I found it, but just never had the motivation- until now- to do it.
This is the third fabric I have reupholstered the seat with.  I first covered it in colorful stripes.  When that got dirty I covered it in a brown fabric that I got for cheap- it wasn't my favorite- but it did the job.  I moved on to a fabric I really liked and thought it would look great with the chair and it's new coat of paint.  The fabric was being used as a curtain on my small kitchen window, but I decided it was better suited for the chair.

The paint color is Palladian Blue, and I had a small sample container of it in my stash of paints from when were choosing paint colors for our house.  It's really subtle and nice.  Goes well with my upholstered kitchen table chairs.  Spray paint would have been easier, but hey, I had the paint and liked the color.

I love the chair now.  I wanted the fabric to stay clean this time, so I put plastic vinyl on top of the fabric.  Now it is 3 year old proof.  I should have done this sooner!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project Completed: baby blanket- boy version #2

Since I still haven't broken my bad habit of being a procrastinator, me and this ribbon blanket are good friends. They're quick and easy to throw together- we're even talking the day-of the baby shower fast, relatively inexpensive- especially if you hit a flannel sale, and they're cute.  The young women in my ward decided to throw a baby shower for our 1st counselor who was due to have a boy, and having seen the nursery, I knew these colors would match pretty well.  Lucky for me, I had all the material on hand.  One of the perks of buying fabric when it's on sale even if you don't need it at that moment.  I used two spools of ribbon- cream and brown- purchased from the $1 store.  
Up close and personal.
For the back I used a solid dark blue.

I assume this wont be my last ribbon blanket- I have more flannel!  I guess I could make one for my baby.  Not like I always have to give everything I make away, right?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet Dealz (No.5)

My master bath needed new hand towels.  Originally I only had one in there, and it looked silly all alone on the big rod from which it hung.  It was a plain khaki color- the same color as our bath towels.  It was boring.  The plan was to get two new hand towels that could bring some interest to the bathroom.  I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond armed with my 20% off coupon, but assumed I would still end up finding something cheaper at Ross.  Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across these beauties that were on the clearance table.  Originally like $12 or $14 EACH, now marked down to less than $2!  Yeah baby.  Scored two of these for less than $4 bucks!  I was thrilled.  They were exactly what I had in mind.  I love a good deal.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Forgotten Garden

Pardon the long absence.  I have been wanting to get back to posting on here regularly, but I have been preoccupied with other life happenings.  I can't say I have been doing a lot of crafting, but we have been getting some house projects done and I have finally found some time to read again.  Seriously, I can't remember the last time I picked up a book and read it cover to cover.  It had been a long time, that is for sure.  This month I stumbled across this book, and, after reading the reviews, decided it would be the perfect book to get me back into reading.  Two words, LOVED IT.  Totally my kind of book.  It was the kind of book that made me feel guilty because every spare second I had I would race up to my room, crawl into bed, and read.  I am sure my husband was glad when I finished it- didn't take long- six days tops.  I liked this one so much that I went and picked up another by the same author immediately afterwards.  It hasn't been as great, but it is still intriguing.  Anyways, just wanted to share incase any of you are in search of some reading material.  Will be posting some digital art I have been working on for various rooms in my house soon!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Everyday wreath w/ a purpose

Thanks to Dara Marie over at the blog Teach. Craft. Blog., I was inspired to make this new wreath for our front door.  I absolutely fell in love with this one that she made, and knew I had to make something similar to spruce up our very ugly in need of a paint job front door.  It only took me a couple hours to put it together, and I love it.  Dara attached her flowers and numbers to wreath with hot glue, but I have a hard time committing to home decor so I wanted to make sure I could remove the numbers and flowers if I were needing a quick change, so I hot glued wire to all flowers and numbers so I could attach them to the wreath and just as easily take them off.  I love that this wreath serves a purpose beyond being pretty to look at.  Have you ever noticed that some house numbers are so stinking hard to locate on a house?  Yeah, ours our gold and blend into the stucco, so I like that the house numbers on my wreath are visible for all to see.

I made this wreath for $12!  I got all the supplies I needed at Michaels.  The wreath was on clearance for $2.50.  The flowers were 50% off, so paid $1.50 for each, and the numbers were on clearance for .79 each.  Not bad for a custom wreath I'd say.  I can't wait to change this up with the different seasons and holidays.

Questions?  Email me.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Halloween wreath

Sorry for the absence.  I got a job, and everything fell to the wayside.  However, I got to quit after only two months thanks to the dear hubby getting a better job, so hopefully I will be back to crafting- and blogging- more regularly.  After perusing Pinterest for a couple days I had an itch to make some holiday decor.  Since Halloween is up next I thought that would be a good starting point.  I had a spare wreath (from the $1 store) and some Halloween themed fabric lying around, so I decided to make a quick rag wreath.  Something easy that I could finish while my son napped.  I did pop over to the $1 store to see what Halloween goodies they had, and ended up picking up a black crow.  It adds a nice little touch to the wreath, no?  Overall I like it.  I want to switch out the ribbon for a solid black satin one, but hey, I was using what I had at home, so that will have to wait.  Now the real tough question, hang it up now or wait until it's officially October?

Any questions on how to make?  Leave a comment.  Super easy.  My fabric strips are 1 inch wide and 10 inches long.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Slightly Obsessed.

My mom and I are very similar.  We're obsessive when it comes to crafting.  Meaning, we make a ton of something when we initially learn how to do it, and then we might never make it again once we become sick of it.  So it is with these bags.  I just finished my third, and my mom is working on her fourth and fifth!    We're crazy like that.  It's all we have been doing the past few days after learning how to make them last week.  The good news is, we plan to share!  I actually already gave one a way, and I am thinking the one I just finished off will get auctioned off down the road for a good cause.
I thought the colors on this one were fun, and I love the burnt orange bow and band.  I thought this would be a good one to give to my dear friend Hillary who is due to have her third baby (a boy) within the next couple of weeks.  I thought it could serve as a diaper bag, as these bags are pretty spacious.  

This one I made for $6!  I got all the fabric and the fusible fleece at Walmart.  The argyle fabric was on sale for $2 a yard!  Even though it was a pretty bold, and out there print, I couldn't refuse it for such a good price!  And I think it turned out pretty cute with the solid brown band and bow.  Even my mom, who wasn't the biggest fan of the material to begin with, was surprised at how cute it turned out when it was all done and put together.  
These are so fun to make, can be made in an afternoon, and they make great gifts!  Don't be surprised if you get one from me this year!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Glamour bags.

While I was in Idaho visiting family, my sister invited my mom and I over to her house to make glamour bags.  She had picked up a pattern a while back, and had been wanting to make some for her and her two daughters.  She was sweet and picked out and bought my fabric.  My mom had purchased hers a while back, so we were all set to make five bags.  Her daughters who are 10 and 8 were awesome little helpers.  We set up our sweat shop in her kitchen and living room.  After a couple days of working on them here and there, we were all done.  They're super cute, big, and the possibilities are endless given all the fabric choices out there!


These are the cute fabrics my sister picked out for my bag.  Cute, right?  


My mom's bag.  Love the bright yellow bow on hers.


My niece Sophie picked out these fun and groovy fabrics.  


Her little sister picked these out with her mom's help.  Just perfect for a little girl.


And this is my sister's bag.  All super cute fabrics.

I am hoping to make a few of these to auction off for the next time I get around to raising money for a worthwhile cause.  For the most part they are pretty easy to put together.  Once you do it once and understand the directions!  Like I said, the options are endless and you can pick out fabrics (you need two different ones) to match anyone's taste.  You can also remove the bow if you want.  And they're spacious, so they are great mom bags!  And it's super fun to make these assembly line style, so call up your moms, sisters, and girlfriends and have a glamour bag party!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brunch Party.

I hosted a wee little shin dig at my house a week ago.  Having been in the church nursery pretty much since I moved in nine or so months ago, (I got released a few Sunday's ago) I was still getting around to meeting people who were taller than 3 feet in height.  I figured the best way to really meet the young moms in my ward was to jump in with both feet and invite them over to my house.  I am all for using food for bribery, so I decided to host a brunch.  I thought about all the young moms I had seen at church, but knew very little, or not at all, and began spreading the word about having a get together at my house.    I was happy that so many of them were all on board and eager to have a girl's get together.  About a week or so before the event I hand delivered the invites I had made along with a mini loaf of banana bread.  I got my banana bread recipe from Shelley at House of Smiths.  Go here if you want the recipe.

The night before the party I was up past my bedtime.  Not that I have an early bedtime, but my attempt to get some of the cooking and decorating done the night before the 11am brunch kept me up until at least two.  I think at 2 am I just stopped looking at the clock.  It was a smart move though, cause even with all the prep I did Friday night, I was still running around like a mad woman Saturday morning.  

Here is the table all set and ready for guests to arrive.  On the menu; this breakfast casserole and these cinnamon rolls, recipes courtesy of the girls over at Our Best Bites.  Fruit kabobs and Oreo pops- Oreos on a stick dipped in white chocolate.  Two of the girls helped out by bringing some pita chips with hummus, and chocolate chip bars.  Is it just me, or is brunch food the best?
For table decor I didn't go too crazy.  I put the cinnamon rolls on my cake stand, the fruit and Oreo pops on some huge black and white plates I got from Pier One when I got married.  For some pops of color I  put some lemon and limes in vase, as well as some flowers from the dollar store.  I also got free "bee happy" printable from Sprik Space.  They offer lots of free prints, and I plan to get more, but I thought the "bee happy" one was a nice touch for the table.  Go here to see all the free prints they have!  Their prints come in a variety of colors, but I thought the turquoise would look great with the color scheme I went with for the party.  The white frame I already had, so that was a cheap decoration that is now sitting in my craft room.  I also made a bunting banner.  Also a free decoration.  More on that later.  
A closeup of the Oreo pops.  Easy to make, and yummy to eat.  I had all of the girls take a couple of these on their way out.  Great party favors, and can easily be made to match party colors by dying the chocolate, getting the right color of sprinkles, and by tying it with your choice of colored ribbon.  
Another fun thing I did was borrow my friends mustaches on a stick for pictures.  Here's the group of girls- minus Melanie and Andrea who had left by this point.  And below are all their mustache mugshots.







I had a lot of fun planning and putting together this whole brunch.  It was definitely worth the time and effort.  I got lucky with a ward full of fun girls, and I look forward to more parties and good times with them in the future.